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Our purpose and beliefs

What we believe (convictions)
We believe in God.
We believe that each human being is valuable and has been endowed with potential.
We have love and hope for everyone who lives in poverty, is excluded, or is caught in a crisis.

What we see (vision)
In this world, we observe poverty, exclusion and crisis, including the resulting lack of dignity. We do not give in to this. Instead, we desire justice, both for people and their communities, so that they flourish. This is how we follow Jesus Christ.

What we do (mission)
We strive for lasting change for those who live in poverty, are excluded, or are caught in a crisis.

Commitment to the people we support
Where there is poverty, exclusion or crisis, we empower people to flourish – with access to basic services, restored dignity and resilience, in strong communities, with an eye for the marginalised, without showing favouritism.

Commitment to stakeholders we work with
We proactively seek to partner with others to increase the long-term impact of our mutual efforts. We are a committed partner who delivers quality and shares expertise.

Commitment to those who support our work
We see everyone who contributes to our work – through prayer, time, money or other means – as a most valuable partner. We involve them in our work and its outcomes and impact through transparent reporting and sharing stories of change.

What we are good at (unique strengths)

Personal attention: We look people in the eye and help them gain confidence.
Decisive: We stand against injustice and we persevere.
Trustworthy: We do what we say, work deliberately and are good stewards with resources.
Local presence: We are present on site and work with local people who are able to contextualise for their specific context.

How we work (core values)

Christ like: We are a Christian organization and we work prayerfully.
Courageous: We value entrepreneurship and are ready to go off the beaten track.
Collaborative: We desire to partner with everyone who shares our mission.