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Why become a partner of Dorcas Moldova?

Poverty, access to education and health services, domestic violence, labour emigration, human trafficking, and environment degradation are amongst the many problems people in Moldova face.

As Dorcas, we go where the going is tough. We look people in the eye and help them gain confidence. We stand against injustice and we persevere. We do what we say, work deliberately and are good stewards with resources. We are present on site and work with local people who are able to contextualise for their specific context.

We desire justice, both for people and their communities, so that they flourish. We strive for lasting change for those who live in poverty, are excluded, or are caught in a crisis. This is how we follow Jesus Christ.

We accomplish the transformation from a situation of poverty and exclusion to a situation of empowered individuals and communities, working on change at three different levels simultaneously: individual, community and society. We empower people to improve their lives and we care for the unprotected.

Partnership is an essential way of everything that we do. Together we can transform lives in most impoverished areas. We see partnership as a synergy of expertise, networks and resources leading to increased impact in the lives of people.

We are glad to hear from you, contact us to ask for partnership information, or subscribe to our partner newsletter.

The Salvation Army
Speranta Copiilor
Dinar-Capital, Micro-finance Organization;
Emanuel Church
Light to the World Church and over 50 local churches in Moldova

We also work with a lot of volunteers who joined us to make a difference in so many lives.