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Dorcas Moldova in 2017

In 2017 we were able to impact the lives of many. We redesigned the way we support families (over 600 of them). We provide knowledge and the right tools for them to work on improving their lives and their living conditions. Families need sustainable income to escape poverty. We organise business training sessions, in collaboration with Dinar. During these sessions families learn how to start a business that will earn them a fair income. The families will be coached by mentors whom we train in cooperation with Divitia Gratiae University.

Dorcas continued to partner with APSCF in speaking up for children who can’t speak up for themselves. Dorcas is part of a group that revises laws affecting the philanthropy sector.


  • 49 children were successfully prepared for social integration and future employment
  • 178 families now have hope and vision for the future
  • 18 families were able to start income generating activities via training, accessible loans and coaching
  • 12 professionals were trained to use music therapy, helping 400 children with abandonment issues
  • 5 partners were supported so that they were able to increase their organisational capacity.
  • 1000+ elderly people gained hope and dignity through nutrition, personal attention and becoming part of a community that looks after them.
  • 90 volunteers were inspired and trained to create and develop communities that take care of the elderly, benefitting 1000+ grannies.

Currently, Dorcas is present in over 70 urban and rural communities.

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