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To Overcome Challenges Wednesday 7 March 2018

Beginning with the year of 2017, our Family Care projects were redesigned. Now we provide knowledge and the right tools for families to work on improving their lives and living conditions. Families need sustainable income to escape poverty. We are organizing business training sessions, in collaboration with Dinar, one of our local partners. Families go through the steps of starting a small business that will earn them a fair income.

A first step in fighting life’s challenges

We organized 8 motivational trainings in different regions. This was the first step in supporting beneficiaries to develop their abilities, so that they can earn a sustainable income.

More than 600 families in the project had the opportunity to participate at a motivational training organized in their region. At the meeting they learnt about the hardships that they face. These can be challenges such as: fear, worry, sickness and poverty, and how these can be conquered. Families are encouraged to think about their opportunities rather than problems that appear. During the training they also had the chance to develop basic financial skills.

Families are learning to start their own business

Currently, the families learning how to start a business and are guided to work on a basic business plan. After analyzing if their plans meet the needs and demands of the local market. The families will receive funding and further coaching, when their business plan is approved.

Through this Family Development Project, parents will be able to fight poverty and provide for their children and extended family members without having to leave the country. We aim to empower them to create a better future for themselves and their communities!

We will be happy to share future progress with you later.

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